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Our energy-saving solution that combines the simplicity of a dry cooler with the performance advantage of a spray system. Available for all V-shape VARIO units.

Product Overview

hydroSPRAY™ is an innovative spraying system that adds the benefits of evaporative cooling to dry cooling. It can bring significant energy savings, particularly in systems that utilise free cooling, such as those for server racks. And it only requires half as much water as conventional systems, thanks to our patented sectional spraying technology.

A unit fitted with hydroSPRAY™ will operate in either dry or wet mode, with the integrated GHM control system automatically switching between the two. Spraying is switched on only when necessary – for example, to cover peak loads at particularly high ambient temperatures.

The evaporative cooling enabled by hydroSPRAY™ ensures low fluid temperatures at all times, bringing increased performance over the same small footprint. Direct usage in refrigeration systems can improve the COP value by up to 40% when high ambient temperatures are present.