Güntner Sets Sustainability In Stone With Six Industry-Leading Pledges

After an extensive consultation period across the organization, Güntner is committing to six sustainability pledges to achieve by 2030. In support of its already strong sustainability mission, the new pledges focus and accelerate efforts to significantly reduce Güntner’s impact on the environment. The pledges also demonstrate the company’s leadership to the wider industry, galvanizing action globally to that will improve prospects for the planet and for future generations.

Güntner’s pledges are:

  1. To launch our industry’s first truly circular coil
  2. To convert our entire product range to the use of eco-friendly substances
  3. To reduce carbon intensity by 40% across our manufacturing facilities
  4. To reduce energy intensity by 10% across our manufacturing facilities
  5. To reduce water intensity by 30% across our manufacturing facilities
  6. To make all our packaging fully sustainable

With a proven track record of developing products that become the industry standard, decades of German engineering expertise, and innovation teams tackling today’s challenges, Güntner is in a strong position to successfully reach its self-imposed targets.

The drive to deliver on each of the pledges is being managed by Güntner representatives from different markets. Fabian Ganser, Sustainability Specialist, is one of them. He recognizes that success depends on collaborating with others. "Partnership allows us to share our innovation and commitment to sustainability while also drawing on a wider scope of expertise and expanding our reach."

The ambitious journey Güntner is embarking on not only involves large-scale initiatives like the pledges but also each employee, encouraging them to contribute individually. A sustainability manifesto encapsulates this mission. It states, “Our commitment is built on the actions we take and the decisions we make each and every day. It lives in how we partner better with others, how we nurture tomorrow’s talent, how we develop future solutions, and how we serve our communities.”

The six sustainability pledges have been brought to life in a creative campaign that stretches across digital and traditional media. The campaign, developed by London-based agency Keel, literally “sets in stone” each pledge, communicating them as very real targets to achieve. The combination of company-wide and individual participation is summed up in the campaign claim, “Six pledges. One future. Our responsibility.”

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