Güntner’s V-shape VARIO, Redesigned And Extended With Sustainability In Mind


Güntner has redesigned and extended its hugely successful V-shape VARIO series of condensers, fluid coolers and gas coolers, bringing greater capacity and lower energy use. The new V-shape VARIO series offers a unit for every application, whether it’s HVAC, IT Server Cooling, Process Cooling or Industrial Refrigeration.

The series offers up to 2,600kW in dry operation. A 20% increase in capacity has been achieved by adding fan sections (up to 2x12). The series is also customizable, with a wide range of coils, casing types and other accessories. The large variety of fans and speeds makes the new V-shape VARIO suitable for every sound and power requirement.

The addition of Güntner’s GMM controller and hydroBLU™ technology can boost capacity even further. Güntner’s well-known hydroBLU™ system has been completely redeveloped with a new pad thickness that increases the efficiency of adiabatic pre-cooling significantly. The wetting system has been revised, with all components easier to reach, making installation and maintenance easier.

The increase in capacity means that fewer units are required for large plants, minimizing footprint. This reduces the customer’s installation effort, and the high-performance units offer more flexibility in configuration.

The new series includes the largest and highest-capacity V-shape unit in Güntner’s portfolio, developed with lorry dimensions in mind. It utilizes the bed of a maximum-size curtainsider lorry down to the last centimeter, opening up new possibilities for maximum capacity in a single Güntner unit. This not only cuts down transportation and operational costs but also reduces carbon emissions. The units are designed for easy loading and unloading with both forklift and crane.

The V-shape VARIO series is available for all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as ammonia, propane and carbon dioxide. In June 2022, Güntner received the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, which represents the global gold standard for natural refrigerant systems and components.

“The V-shape VARIO series has been a mainstay of the market since 2010,” said Herbert Schupfer, Head of Future Solutions at Güntner. “To meet future demands, we decided to rethink the development of the product from the ground up. The new series optimizes the cost-benefit ratio and has sustainability at its heart. It demonstrates that Güntner is ‘Always a solution ahead’.”

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