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V-shape COMPACT Dry Cooler with hydroBLU™

The ultimate choice for smaller areas with high ambient temperatures, the V-shape COMPACT with hydroBLU™ combines the reliability and ease of use of a compact dry cooler with an intelligent adiabatic cooling system. We like to think that this mix of wet and dry operation offers our customer the best of both worlds.

Product Overview

We understand that water consumption is an increasingly important consideration factor when choosing new equipment. Our latest technology recognizes this and moves you towards a more sustainable future.

By using water only on peak days, water consumption is reduced by up to 30% of that used by a conventional water-cooled system – as is the amount of energy used, when compared to a dry system. This smart technology means that water is only used when ambient temperatures require it.

The built-in intelligent control systems GMMnext & GHM are both present in this coil. Together, they continually monitor temperature, water, and electricity consumption and automatically adapt the operating mode to the current system requirements. This guarantees a smooth and efficient coil operation that’s always optimized for your needs.

Type Cooling medium Capacity (in kW)



150 - 1,200



150 - 1,200



150 - 1,000

Benefits at a glance

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With Güntner’s intelligent control systems, an energy-efficient and resource-saving unit operation is guaranteed.
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With Güntner’s adiabatic pre-cooling and humidification pad system, operation at high ambient temperatures is ensured, at the lowest possible energy consumption.
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This unit works with all available refrigeration fluids and is optimised for use with natural refrigerants.
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Maintenance-free, durable fans. Available in AC and EC technology, ErP-compliant, adjustable speed, in various sizes, optimal air and sound level properties.
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Ensuring long service life, the coil prevents the refrigerant carrying tubes from coming into contact with the end sheets. This allows a contraction-free operation without the risk of tube damage, drastically reducing the chance of leaks.