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aicore™ cloud

Güntner’s IoT technology unlocks the power of data-driven cooling.

Product Overview

Güntner’s aicore™ cloud IoT solution is founded on the deep knowledge of our own technology and commitment to digital transformation. Analyzing data across a wide range of parameters in aicoreTM cloud enables flexible monitoring and system optimization. The user-friendly interface offers a complete view of equipment health and operation and makes it easy to integrate external data for sharing information to other systems, such as service systems or building automation.

Performance analysis via aicore™ cloud enables anomaly detection and failure notification, preventing costly repairs and equipment downtime. The reporting function offers the best possible historical overview of how your cooling solution is operating, using key data such as energy consumption and cooling utilization.

The IoT cooling equipment solution is realized in aicore™ cloud using Güntner’s aicore™ link cellular gateway.