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We have designed the ECOSS 2.0 coil to address the environmental and economic impacts of strained water resources. This product is proof of our commitment to finding innovative and sustainable solutions which exceed the expectations of facility owners, operators, and installers.

Product Overview

No larger nor less affordable than traditional cooling towers, Güntner ECOSS 2.0 Evaporative Condensers use only half as much water and energy. They are equipped with highly energy-efficient EC fans, while their stainless-steel design is more resistant to corrosion and scaling. This leads to less, or even zero, dependence on chemical water treatment as long as the specified water parameters are met, enabling decade-long product lifecycles. Intelligent sensors and Güntner’s GMMnext Controller enable advanced features such as automatic purging and soft fan startup and speed modulation, allowing for even more water and energy savings.

Next to their technology-enabled durability and efficiency, ECOSS 2.0 evaporative condensers offer a range of other benefits: The welded water basin is leak-free, avoids heavy-metal deposits and decreases the required volume of cooling water by 50 percent thanks to its optimized funnel shape. The inlet louvers are designed to prevent water leakage and UV light incidence – and therefore the formation of algae, bacteria, and fungi. To facilitate maintenance, the units feature hinged louvers and fan panels as well as a central walkway for easy inspection, while the EC fan motors and 316 stainless steel do not require any special treatment such as greasing or passivation. Installation and commission are just as easy with plug-and-play controls and only two lightweight parts that can be easily transported and put together without special screws or sealing tape.

Type Refrigerant Capacity (in kW)



770 - 2,200



770 - 2,200

Benefits at a glance

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A globally recognized symbol of product safety, ensuring that coils carrying this mark have been thoroughly tested for safety.
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ASME provides a foundation for advancing technical knowledge and a safer world. If required, our pressure vessels are designed and manufactured according to ASME standards.
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With Güntner’s intelligent control systems, an energy-efficient and resource-saving unit operation is guaranteed.
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This unit works with all available refrigeration fluids and is optimised for use with natural refrigerants.