Our Award Winning Mini Compact Air Cooler


Güntner’s new Mini COMPACT Air Cooler has been announced as a winner at the prestigious German Innovation Awards.

This is the third year running that the company has won the award, having previously been recognised for its Dual COMPACT Air Cooler in 2020 and its Cubic VARIO Air Cooler with UV-C in 2021.

“It’s a great honour to win this award yet again,” said Michael Freiherr, Güntner Managing Director. “Innovation is part of our company DNA. We talk about being ‘Always a solution ahead’, but for us it’s more than just a slogan. We’re in constant dialogue with our customers and we understand their needs.”

The Mini COMPACT Air Cooler, launched in January this year, caters for cooling requirements in small grocery shops, restaurants, canteens, and similar small-scale use cases. It is more energy-efficient and cheaper to run than traditional solutions for those applications. And it can also be used with a wide range of refrigerants – formerly, different models were required for different refrigerants.

“For years the industry has been phasing out older refrigerants because of their global warming potential, but future-proof alternatives come with other challenges. Some are flammable, for example,” said Freiherr. “In the past, we needed to sell different units for all the different refrigerants. Now customers can buy this new air cooler and use whichever natural refrigerant they like. It makes life simpler and also cuts down on stock sitting on wholesalers’ shelves.”

The new casing measures just 124mm in height, making it Güntner’s flattest Air Cooler to date. Its downward-pointing fans allow it to be mounted flush against the ceiling, maximising space and preventing dirt from accumulating on its upper surface. Cleaning and maintenance is straightforward thanks to an easy-to-open fold-away tray.

“We rethought the whole air cooler from the ground up, not just in terms of efficiency and sustainability but also functionality, technology and design,” said Herbert Schupfer, Head of Future Solutions at Güntner.

Three years of testing in a special Güntner lab resulted in a new defrosting technology that cuts optimised defrost heating costs by up to 30% for ventilation and 50% for defrosting.

“For the end customer, that means the air cooler pays for itself within one or two years, just through the reduced energy capacity needed for defrost,” said Freiherr. “And of course there’s a considerable sustainability benefit, too.”

Güntner offers ten Mini COMPACT Air Cooler variants ranging from 0.4 to 2.2kW output. Each variant comes with a terminal box wired ready for connection and a three-year warranty.

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