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Sustainability meets cost efficiency in our flattest air cooler yet. Only 124mm in height, the Mini COMPACT Air Cooler packs a powerful punch, yet also improves defrost efficiency by up to 67% compared to its predecessor. It’s a perfect fit for small-scale use cases such as grocery shops, restaurants and canteens.

Product Overview

Cost efficiency and energy saving combine in our Mini COMPACT Air Cooler. Despite its small size, it offers powerful cooling with one or two high-performance EC fans and a power output from 0.4 to 2.2kW. At the same time, its optimised defrost heating technology cuts costs by up to 50% compared to its predecessor. Over its lifetime, the unit will save 4,000kg of CO2 without compromising performance – and will save money compared to other coolers.

The Mini COMPACT Air Cooler’s powder-coated, anti-corrosive aluminium casing is just 124mm high, and thanks to its downward-pointing fans, it can be mounted flush against the ceiling, maximising storage space. It can be accessed easily from below via the fold-away tray, while the small number of individual parts, smooth surfaces and plug-connected fans allow for swift cleaning and maintenance with minimal downtime.

Refrigerant Capacity (in kW)


0,4 - 2,1


0,4 - 2


0,4 - 2


0,4 - 2

Benefits at a glance

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Maintenance-free, durable, silent working mode, energy-efficient, great flow profile. Available in EC technology, ErP-compliant, adjustable speed, in various sizes, optimal air and sound level properties.
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Defrost option available in electric.