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The ceiling-mounted Process Air Cooler is an ideal choice for food processing rooms, industrial kitchens and other labor-intensive environments.

Designed in close collaboration with our customers, the air cooler offers numerous benefits from draught-reduced, quiet and energy-efficient operation to easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

Product Overview

As Güntner’s first product that follows the brand’s new design philosophy, the Process Air Cooler has far more to offer than just good looks: Inside its stylish casing are two latest generation, highly energy-efficient EC fans that reduce noise levels by up to 6 dB relative to comparable refrigeration units. Furthermore, the air cooler is optimised for low draught, with hardly noticeable air velocities to be expected in working areas. Low noise levels are essential for a stress-free environment, while less draught means less stiff muscles for workers – creating comfortable conditions for staff.

Apart from operating almost imperceptibly, the cooling system offers another advantage: It discharges the cooled air sideways, which makes it possible to mount the Process Air Cooler flush against the ceiling. Hence, no dirt can accumulate in the intermediate space. Another hygiene-improving feature is the round-edged tray made from AlMg or stainless steel kept dry by means of thermal decoupling. All components are openly accessible, making them easy to clean, install and maintain – in the case of the fully integrated terminal and GFDM boxes, this can even be done from the outside.

Defrost heaters and UV-C lights for eliminating pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2) are available as accessories.

Refrigerant Capacity (in kW)


5 - 39


4 - 34


4 - 40

Benefits at a glance

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Certified by the German TÜV Süd, air coolers carrying this certification are perfectly suited for use in areas with stringent hygiene requirements. All components are food-safe, easy to clean and easy to inspect, minimizing risk of bacteria growth.
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This unit works with all available refrigeration fluids and is optimised for use with natural refrigerants.
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Defrost option available in electric.
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Maintenance-free, durable fans. Available in AC and EC technology, ErP-compliant, adjustable speed, in various sizes, optimal air and sound level properties.