New Güntner Mini COMPACT Air Cooler Packs Punch In Small Package


The Mini COMPACT Air Cooler caters to the cooling requirements in small grocery shops, restaurants, canteens, and similar small-scale use cases. It measures only 124 mm in height, making it Güntner’s flattest air cooler to date.

Users can take full advantage of the air cooler’s compact size thanks to its downward-pointing fans, which allow it to be mounted flush against the ceiling. Maximising the available cold storage space isn’t the only benefit offered by this kind of cooling installation: It also improves hygiene by preventing dirt from accumulating on top of the air cooler.

In addition, the Mini COMPACT Air Cooler’s inside needs the occasional cleaning and maintenance. This is made easy by the fold-away tray – which can be opened for convenient access by simply removing two screws – as well as the small number of individual parts, smooth surfaces, and plug-connected fans. These features make it possible to keep the air cooler up and running with minimal effort and downtime.

Importantly, the air cooler’s simplicity does in no way detract from its effectiveness: Compared to conventional air coolers, its energy-efficient design including optimised defrost heating cuts costs by up to 30 % for ventilation and 50 % for defrosting. The high-quality aluminum casing is powder-coated to prevent corrosion.

Güntner offers ten Mini COMPACT Air Cooler variants ranging from 0.4 to 2.2 kW output for use with CO2, HFCs or flammable refrigerants. Each variant comes with a terminal box wired ready for connection and a three-year warranty. Sales will start in Europe from January 2022.

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