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Ideal for fruit and vegetable storage, the Agri Air Cooler is optimized for precise and regulated cooling and cold storage with agricultural freshness in mind. This is ensured by fast cooling on arrival, with efficient regulation to reach the desired storage temperature.

Product Overview

It’s important to keep the cold storage's correct temperature without any fluctuations and to keep a high level of humidity. We can do this by preventing water diffusing out of the chilled goods and maintaining even air distribution and good ventilation.

In addition, the very highest levels of hygiene are guaranteed with the air cooler's HACCP certification. Cleaning and inspection is made easy with the drop-down tray, drop-down plate and hinged side covers, while long service life is thanks to our floating coil technology.

This air cooler is constructed from a high quality casing with a powder coating, which is anti-corrosive, while its flat design and air guiding sheets are designed to lift the airflow for maximum air circulation.
Optimised tube circuiting, large heat exchange surfaces, blow-through fans, and high rates of air circulation result in low moisture loss and thorough as well as even ventilation of your chilled goods.

Refrigerant Capacity (in kW)


2 - 37


5 -76

Benefits at a glance

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Certified by the German TÜV Süd, air coolers carrying this certification are perfectly suited for use in areas with stringent hygiene requirements. All components are food-safe, easy to clean and easy to inspect, minimizing risk of bacteria growth.
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This unit works with all available refrigeration fluids and is optimised for use with natural refrigerants.
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Defrost option available in electric, hot gas and brine.
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Maintenance-free, durable fans. Available in AC and EC technology, ErP-compliant, adjustable speed, in various sizes, optimal air and sound level properties.