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Available for air coolers, dry coolers and condensers, the Streamer addition increases the efficiency of your cooling system by utilising air flow as a means to achieve top performance with less energy.

Product Overview


The cooling accessory Streamer is available for Cubic VARIO Air Coolers and Cubic COMPACT Air Coolers. It works by increasing the air throw with no additional energy by using the air flow and evenly distributing the air in the cold room. Using this method, the air throw of the air cooler can almost be doubled.
The accessory can be retrofitted to your existing cooling units too.


The Güntner Streamer is also available for the flat, vertical and V-shape VARIO Condensers and VARIO Dry Coolers. It’s often that units of this type face challenges at the installation stage due to the conditions on-site. With the addition of Streamer, your condenser's or dry cooler's air throw can be optimised to avoid thermal shortcuts.
The accessory can be retrofitted to your existing cooling system too.