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Our innovative pad wetting system, offering optimised unit efficiency. Available for all V-shape Condensers and Dry Coolers, as well as for High Density Condensers and Dry Coolers.

Product Overview

hydroBLU™ is an adiabatic pre-cooling and humidification pad system. It allows you to always run your cooling system in the most efficient way possible – be that by ensuring operation at high ambient temperatures or by operating with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Having installed our pad system, wetting is switched on above a defined temperature set-up. The pads are subsequently wetted via our intelligent control system, which continuously monitors the amount of water applied, fan speed and ambient air temperature.

As the humidification pads dry during normal operation, no disinfection or other expensive, harmful water treatment is necessary to ensure hygiene and efficient operation. With hydroBLU™, a simple water connection is all you need. The pads can be changed in a few simple steps, and the accessory can be retrofitted to your existing condensers or dry coolers, too.