Dry Coolers

Available in various shapes and sizes, our Dry Coolers range from very small coils all the way up to 42 ft. They’re the preferred refrigeration systems of most consultants and end users due to their low profile, low sound level, and ease of installation. All Güntner Dry Coolers are suitable for outdoor applications, however, some are designed to be used indoors. Every coil comes with the ETL safety mark for even more peace of mind.
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Customizable Dry Coolers

All VARIO coils can be customized and optimized for individual projects. With a wide range of different materials to choose from, additional extras, and available accessories, you have seemingly endless options. Each model comes with the UL safety mark too, for extra peace of mind.
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High-Spec Dry Coolers

Our highest specification range of Dry Coolers, these coils can be fully configured for special applications and customized to meet your business’s specific needs.