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We have designed the ECOSS 2.0 coil to address the environmental and economic impacts of strained water resources. This product is proof of our commitment to finding innovative and sustainable solutions which exceed the expectations of facility owners, operators, and installers.

Product Overview

The ECOSS 2.0 is an easy-to-install system, which boasts a reliable and robust design. This is thanks to its highly resistant stainless steel construction, which also keeps water and chemical consumption to a minimum. Lowering environmental impact while enjoying maximum performance offers extra peace of mind.

This coil’s robust design means that it affords our customers high performance reliability and longer product durability, with much lower on-going commitments to maintenance and cleaning.
The stainless steel coils, surfaces, and trays of the ECOSS 2.0 do not leach zinc or lead into the water system. They offer superior corrosion resistance and a reduced likelihood of scale forming, providing a significantly longer product life than galvanized steel.

Not only that, but the built-in smart control system comes as standard. This minimizes water treatment requirements and allows for operation at a higher cycle of concentration, with reduced blowdown and lower makeup water requirements. ECOSS 2.0 includes a Güntner conductivity controller, too.

Type Refrigerant Capacity (in kW)



770 - 2,200



770 - 2,200

Benefits at a glance

Icon safety


A globally recognized symbol of product safety, ensuring that coils carrying this mark have been thoroughly tested for safety.
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ASME provides a foundation for advancing technical knowledge and a safer world. If required, our pressure vessels are designed and manufactured according to ASME standards.
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With Güntner’s intelligent control systems, an energy-efficient and resource-saving unit operation is guaranteed.
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This unit works with all available refrigeration fluids and is optimised for use with natural refrigerants.