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The intelligent GMMnext control system increases the economic efficiency of your entire refrigeration system.

Product Overview

With the integration of GMMnext cooling technology, the performance of the entire refrigeration system is optimized. The smart control system is designed to automatically adjust the operation to reflect changes in load, weather conditions, and operating requirements. This allows you to cut energy consumption by up to 30% and to maximize the service life of the installation, while continuously ensuring safe, reliable operation.

The GMMnext controller can be seamlessly integrated into building management systems via a suitable interface module. This makes the GMMnext controller an integral part of your facility management. In addition, immediate access to historical and live data is provided, permitting performance analysis to improve refrigeration and cooling operations.

Benefits at a glance

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Coils can operate at partial load at night. This not only saves energy, but also drastically reduces noise emissions.
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In phases of reduced demand, partial load operation (Low Capacity Motor Management) ensures energy savings and avoids performance fluctuation. This is thanks to switching off individual fans or fan groups, by using machine learning.
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In the event of controller failure, emergency operation is automatically switched on to keep the system running smoothly.
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To keep the heat exchanger bare coil clean, fan rotation is reversed at regular intervals.
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In the event of extreme low-ambient temperatures, SLMM mode (Super Low Capacity Motor Management) generates an artificial air cushion in order to minimize air flow and effectively prevent natural convection. As a result, the heat exchanger’s efficiency is optimized.
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Automatically activated when temperatures are below the freezing point, this mode prevents ice formation on fan blades, thus ensuring smooth coil operation.
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Maintenance mode ensures that during long phases in which the coil is not operating, the fans are switched on at regular intervals to prevent damage.
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Programming multiple setpoints allows you to customize the system to your specific needs.